16 Mar 2020
4Tfy - Train The Technical Trainer

Effective knowledge transfer ‘fortifies’ your organization

Any organization, in the course of its growth, develops a repository of knowledge that is critical to sustenance and further growth. This repository evolves with the industry evolution too. Especially in knowledge-driven organisations, knowledge and know-how remains with a few resource persons in the organisation. It is expected that they coach, transfer or share this […]

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16 Jan 2020

Discover, Own, Reach Out : Take Charge of Your Life

TAKING CHARGE – AN IMPERATIVE! Dr. Kiran Bedi, the first lady IPS officer of India said, “People who do not take charge of their lives, are lathi-charged by time.” This couldn’t be truer in a nation as diverse as India, with an ever-growing workforce. While organisations have realised the importance of having a diverse team, […]

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11 Dec 2019

The Art of Effective Business Presentations: Some Ingredients and a Proven Recipe!

In our professional or personal lives, we are always communicating,  either knowingly or unknowingly. The way we walk or talk, the way we share a glance, our voice intonations; all communicate something and convey a message.  But the impact of communication matters more than ever, when we are  ‘presenting with a purpose’. Whether in the corporate, NGO or […]

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07 Nov 2019

Improving Performance of Performance Dialogues!

As the cliche goes, one cannot improve something that is not measured. While it is easy to ‘measure’ and ‘monitor’ tangible things like production, rejection rate, cost reduction etc., measuring intangibles like the ‘quality of a dialogue’ is really challenging. Especially with reference to ‘performance dialogues’ it is difficult to say, whether one had a good or a bad one! […]

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15 Oct 2019

DOR – The Stories of Change

When words like woman empowerment and woman leadership started becoming a cliche, Element78 team felt what women today need is not more power or freedom, but mindset and skillset to use the power and freedom they had towards what they cared for. More power would do no good unless women knew what they wanted to […]

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18 Sep 2019

Difficult Conversations : What Makes them Difficult?

Our personal as well as professional lives are full of conversations. Rather, conversations that we have play a crucial role in shaping our lives; at personal as well as professional level. A simple activity like conversing with someone can serve multiple purposes; from arriving at new ideas to peacefully forgetting the paths which hit a […]

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05 Jun 2019


Organisational culture is the set of norms, values, attitudes, and beliefs, shared by its members. While organisational culture drives the shared meaning amongst the teams, it also impacts the performance of the organization. When loyalty is valued by the leadership, individuals learn and grow with the organization, however, often, decision making and problem-solving continues to […]

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