'Change your story'
with Element78!

Touching Lives,
Changing Stories

Success is a result of change and your people are its key drivers. The stories that people tell themselves and others, govern the success of your business. Element78 partners with you, to shape your story by driving the ‘people side’ of change.

As a people development catalyst, Element78 accelerates the reaction for change – from ‘who you are‘ to ‘what you want to be’.

Lives Touched

Lives Touched

Lives Touched

Proven Training Modules, Customised to Your Needs



The go-to Lab for Sr. Managers and Leaders to experiment and improve their presentation skills


Effective Leadership Teams

Leadership teams identify blindspots as they drive the organization to one goal


Coaching Skills for Managers

A paradigm shift in the way Managers develop their teams, from ‘telling them’ to ‘teaching’


Dial-लोग - Enhance Engagement

‘Conversation’ skills program for managers to create engagement with effective 1-on-1 communication


4Tfy - Train The Technical Trainer

Competencies for effective knowledge transfer by creating excitement about technical domains


DOR - Discover-Own-ReachOut

Women discover their strengths, own their goals and lead the transformation



Fostering effective work in diverse environments, across levels in the organisation


Consultative Selling - InValue

Sales excellence to drive profitability, customer loyalty


Negotiations – the human edge

Develop a negotiation style to enable win-win deals


Managing Sales Team

Scale-up sales, with better team management



Sharp, effective sales pitch to make that winning impression


Connect to Customers

Your customer-facing team will discover their true business potential


Key Account Management

‘Make a difference’ to the customers who can make a difference to your business


Express to

A specialist communication skills enhancement program


Beam as a

Strongly bonded teams, with a passion to achieve
their goals


Competency Rollout

Implement and enable competencies for large teams with clarity and confidence


Gender Sensitisation/POSH

Foster positive co-working environment for women in the workforce


Time and Priority Management

Achieve control
over time and
gain better
value from work

Customised Long-term interventions

Learning interventions under PLACE include customised consulting and support for organisations to engineer strategic and cultural change. The engagements are really deep, sometimes spanning over multiple months or years, to drive you through the complete transformation in key result areas identified. The PLACE learning interventions use a series of proven modules designed by Element78, and are customised to suit the specific needs or goals.


We believe that talent development is, in fact,
the ‘mind sets’ waiting to be changed.

This unique philosophy, applied in 500+ learning interventions, has helped Element78 to enable some of the toughest business transformations.


10,000+ Hrs of Learning Delivered…

200+ Yrs of cumilative expertise

110+ Clients in 5 countries

15+ Certified Trainers

I have not seen a team who can keep up the passion and enthusiasm for so long. It’s easier to do a couple of workshops and be done with it. We are thankful to Element78 for keeping up your enthusiasm.

We’re now performing at a higher level.
We now plan to establish a rhythm of periodic health check, individual coaching and team building interventions with help of Element78.

It was really a great experience!
You need to be a part to experience it. There was learning and more importantly, the implementation part was very important.

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