DOR: Discover-Own-Reachout

The DOR program, a blend of personal coaching and group workshops, has been especially designed to achieve focus and balance at work and life. 

It is especially helpful for women professionals and entrepreneurs to discover their values, strengths and constraints. It facilitates them to work in a group to structure, prioritise and act on their goals. 

Program Structure and Content:

Curtain Raiser Event - 4th March, 2023

In-person Modules - 11th, 12th and 13th March, 2023

  • Module 1:  My Sphere of life and My Story 
  • Module 2:  My Purpose and My Constraints
  • Module 3:  My Habits and their impact
  • Module 4:  My Values, My Strengths
  • Module 5:  My Vision : short term and long term goals
  • Module 6:  Making my Action Plan
  • Module 7: Identifying my support system
  • Module 8:  Managing Time & Energy 
  • Module 9:  Managing Important Conversations
  • Module 10:  Making My immediate action plan

Follow Up and Closure - 1st April, 2023

In continuation to DOR, available at an additional fee of and prior booking, 1-on-1 with Element78 Coaches:

  • Taking Charge: Achieving Personal and Professional Goals
  • My Money Matters: Achieving Financial Goals
  • My Fitness Matters: Achieving Fitness Goals
  • Leveraging My personality type: Understanding self and impact on work and personal life
  • Business Plan/Business Case: Systematically making a plan for business or project or new idea.


  • Enhanced confidence and clarity
  • A scientific understanding of strengths
  • Improved relationships with family, friends and colleagues 
  • Systematic Decision Making and Growth.

Who should attend

  • Women Entrepreneurs, 
  • Women Leaders, Managers
  • Women who are at cross-roads about next steps
  • Women aspiring to grow
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