Management Development Intervention - 2nd line

To harness your employees' full professional potential and accelerate their career, it is important to equip them with the business acumen, leadership skills and mindset to meet today’s global challenges and thrive in tomorrow’s uncertain business environment. This intervention has been created exactly to cater the above mentioned needs. Over a span of 6-12 months we partner with the client to build a leadership pipeline and help them become future ready.

Intervention Content

  •  Building professional excellence 
  •  Building Managerial Excellence
  •  Building Leadership Excellence
  •  Group projects and peer learning 
  •  Individual coaching conversations


  •  A future ready organisation from leadership pipeline perspective 
  •  Effective leadership teams – cross functionally
  •  Individual aspiration and organisational goal alignment
  •  Creating a better engaged 2nd line team and percolating engagement throughout the organisation.