Leadership Team Effectiveness

When the senior team works well together, the whole organisation functions better. As they provide strategic and operational leadership, as well as, provide the cultural DNA for the organisation. Hence, they serve as the models that teams throughout the organisation will follow. The aim of the intervention is to facilitate team integration amongst the leadership team for improved effectiveness. The intervention includes a diagnosis phase, followed by the deployment of various workshops, peer learning projects and other training methodologies. Typically, the intervention is completed over months.

Intervention Content

  •  Understand the characteristics of a cohesive team
  •  Identify enablers and detractors of team work at a leadership level
  •  Take steps towards achieving team cohesiveness
  •  Develop an action plan improving team integration. 
  •  Enhance enablers and make the detractors visible through the intervention. 


  •  Better grasp of team dynamics 
  •  Know and leverage on each other’s strengths. 
  •  Build/enable greater trust within the team
  •  Significantly better bonding geared to get better output as a team.