Cross Functional Team Effectiveness

Cross functional teams are groups of people from various departments in an organisation—such as marketing, product development, quality assurance, sales and finance—who work together to achieve a common goal. They break through the “silos” of a traditional organisational structure so that the team can see the big picture. However, to achieve the big picture this group of people need to cohesively work as a team. The aim of the intervention is to facilitate team integration in cross functional teams for improved effectiveness. The intervention includes a diagnosis phase, followed by the deployment of various workshops, peer learning projects and other training methodologies. Typically, the intervention is completed over months.

Intervention Content

  • Understand the characteristics of a cohesive team
  •  Take steps towards achieving team cohesiveness
  •  Develop an action plan improving team integration. 


  •  Better grasp of team dynamics 
  •  Know and leverage on each other’s strengths. 
  •  Build/enable greater trust within the team
  •  Significantly better bonding geared to get better output as a team.