Competency Rollout

Organizations need support for their competency rollout programs, especially for large teams. Element78’s team works closely with the Client’s teams to define, understand, structure, plan and implement effective competency rollout across teams, functions and locations. We take an end-to-end responsibility in your competency rollout program. As a true partner, Element78 serves you till the competencies are clear to each target group, and help you achieve complete buy-in from your talent. The program is customized according to the client’s competency portfolio and typically every identified competency is addressed through a day long workshop.

Program Content

  •  Understanding Competency framework
  •  Demonstrating need for competencies
  •  Applying competencies in work
  •  Measuring one’s competency development

Who should attend

  •  Employees across functions in the organization identified for competency roll out.
  •  Teams or Groups expected to acquire new competencies.


  •  Team appreciates the need for competency framework
  •  Clear understanding of competencies, its levels, across teams. 
  •  Know-how and internalization of competency goals. 
  •  Enthusiasm on developing one’s skill set to meet the competencies