Team Building

Professionals in every business function as a part of multiple teams, spread across departments or projects. An employee who is aware of basic traits of an effective team that contribute to team success, is likely to be a better team player. When a team re-visits the tenets of effective team work in a certain context, clarity is gained not only in terms of goals and roles, but also about expected behavioral norms. The program helps to shed past baggage and focus on the future. This program, run in an experiential format, conceptualizes the tenets of teamwork, and could be conducted in various contexts like: 1) Vision/Goal alignment 2) Leveraging diversity 3) Merging two teams 4) Change in leadership or key members 5) Overcoming resistance to organizational change 6) Energizing the team 7) Taking a break The program is customized according to the client needs and is typically conducted over 2-3 days.

Program Content

  •  Characteristics of an effective team
  •  Stages of team performance and Leader’s role
  •  Competencies of a team leader – blockers and booster
  •  What makes a good team player?

Who should attend?

  •  Multifunctional groups working as a team
  •  Large teams (30-100 people)
  •  Smaller target oriented teams
  •  Functional/technical teams


  •  Better grasp of team dynamics 
  •  Know and leverage on each other’s strengths. 
  •  Build/enable greater trust within the team
  •  Significantly better bonding geared to get better output as a team.