Supervisory Development

Supervisors or Team Leaders are the key contributors when it comes to getting the work done at the base level. The success of this role contributes significantly to the success of a department / a team. This program offers some key capabilities to make the supervisors feel empowered and be effective and efficient. The program is customized according to the client needs and is typically conducted over 3-4 days.

Program Content

  • Self Awareness – different styles
  • Building Rapport 
  • Goal setting, Problem Solving, Decision making
  • Reaction Vs Response
  • Team Development and Engagement
  • Basics of Delegation


  • Accountable and responsible supervisors
  • A solution-oriented mindset
  • Improved vibrancy within teams
  • Improved decision making

Who should attend?

  •   Supervisors
  •   Team Leaders
  •   Line Incharge