Value Selling

People buy from people they like and relate to. Therefore every customer interaction is an opportunity to win the customer. The unique approach of our program empowers sales personnel with a set of customer-centric tools in his/her selling, thus differentiating them in the eyes of the customers. Mastering selling skills means the customers look-up to your sales team in solving their problems, seeking recommendations and therefore earning a significant upper hand with respect to competition. In a world driven by in-bound sales, this is a definitive practice to stay profitable and win loyal customers. The program is customized according to the client needs and is typically delivered over 2-3 days.

Program Content

  •  Understanding the buying triggers
  •  Moving approach from one time customer to customer for life.
  •  Understanding customer, their needs and expectations.
  •  Role in shaping customer experience
  •  Selling Process
  •  Objection Handling and Resolution
  •  Types of Closure and asking for Order
  •  Post sales customer engagement

Who should attend?

  •   First Time Sales Managers
  •  Sales Executives
  •  Sales Team Leaders/ Managers/HODs
  •  Client Service Professional
  •  Customer Account Managers


  •  Demonstrate assertiveness
  •  Improved Self-confidence
  •  Effective questioning skills to understand buyer’s needs, challenges and motivation
  •  Effective understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  •  Improved awareness to deliver better customer experience