Leader Development

The journey from being a manager to a leader depends on several factors. Opportunities, Exposure and speed of growth of the organization itself, play a key role in leadership development. Being successful as a leader requires business skills, technical skills as well as soft skills. It requires more understanding of diversity and diverse thinking and facilitation of decisions. As circles of concern change, leaders need to influence and inspire a wider group. However, Apex positions get fewer opportunities for formal learning. A well designed learning program that is relevant to the business context not only provides useful frameworks and skills, but also an opportunity for peer learning and feedback. The program is typically conducted in a time spaced format, with 4-6 days of formal learning blended with small group assignments and coaching. The focus areas are designed as per the context of the program.

Program Content

  • Self Awareness
  • Understanding leadership competencies
  • Managing Self (Results, Relationships, Emotions)
  • Managing Managers (Influencing, Inspiring, difficult dialogues, coaching, delegation)
  • Organizational leadership (working with peers and providing direction)

Who should attend?

  • Heads of functions
  •  Newly promoted leaders/ high potentials/ successors
  • C level positions.


  • Clarity about strengths and weaknesses
  •   Sense of ownership and commitment towards team
  • Systematic succession planning
  • Improved trust