Leadership Team Building

A leadership team that’s focused on the big picture, and not just their function, are aligned to each others’ needs and above all shares high levels of trust, can create magical results for the business. This program through a diagnostic study of the organization and assessment of team dysfunctions helps identify trust blind spots that are often not visible to the teams themselves. And through focus groups and individual coaching sessions assists them in strengthening their bonding and alignment with the big picture. The workshop is customized according to the client needs and is typically conducted over 2-3 days.

Program Content

  • Understand the characteristics of a cohesive team through the “5 Dysfunctions of a team” model
  • Explore contribution of diagnosed factors towards team-work
  • Reflect one person values and goals
  • Develop an action plan for improving team-work.

Who should attend?

  • Top Management/Leadership
  • Head functions/departments


  • Collaborative working in the leadership team
  • Awareness about the need to be aligned
  • Big picture thinking to focus on common organizational results
  • Thinking beyond the results of their individual functions