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Element78 Talent Consulting LLP

#20 ‘Sai-Vishwa – 2’
Near Aditya-Shagun Mall
Pashan-NDA Road, Pune 411021
Maharashtra, India.

Email :
Office: +91 906 778 7802
Mobile: +91 992 302 9886 | +91 988 146 4553 | +91 898 320 7878

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News & Event

  • DOR - Taking Charge
    Discover-Own-Reach Out (D.O.R.), a specialized program for women professionals to take charge of their lives, kicked off in the beginning of February 2019. With...
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  • St’OWN’ership
    Organisational culture is the set of norms, values, attitudes, and beliefs, shared by its members. While organisational culture drives the shared meaning amongst the...
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  • Element78 Celebrates its 8th Anniversary
    Gudi Padwa is a celebration of victory, arrival of spring and of course start of auspicious times. Element78 resonates with these celebrations, given that our foundation...
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