Values in Action @SMBT

Touching Lives, Changing Stories” is the purpose that drives us at Element78. Our team is always excited to take up assignments where we see the clients mirroring our commitment. Besides, it’s very interesting to co-create perspectives with young minds. The Medical Profession is one where human lives are touched to the core.. physically as well as emotionally. Yet, very few institutes commit time and budget focussing on human behavior.  SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre is one such institute that finds it important. The Dean, Dr Meenal Mohgaonkar called us to explain why team work and values were so important in the medical profession. She asked, how could we engage their batch of fresh interns to reflect on team behaviors and values? Will we be able to work at a location near Nasik? She said she could give us 1 day to work with about 150 students who had completed their graduation and were about to embark on the internship’. She asked how we could track the cohort to see if they actually implemented what they learnt… this captured our hearts.

While 1 day seems very small, it is a long time to keep young scientific minds engaged in something as vague as human behavior. While SMBT has a beautiful campus, the scorching summers made it difficult to engage in outdoor activity. With some pre-work and co-creation we were able to cull the values and team behaviors important to the students in advance of the program. This helped us pick up the boundaries for a day-long blended program which had experiences, discussions, reflection and action planning. The minute to minute plan was brilliantly executed by our support team in tandem with the college staff. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and found the program different and insightful. They articulated the professional values for the batch of 22-23 
One of the values that they have chosen for the batch is “Sense of Purpose”, which makes us extremely proud of our work. We’re looking forward to hearing their stories after a few months. We wish this batch all the best, and are grateful to SMBT IMS and RC for the opportunity. 
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