L.E.A.P Intervention Maiden Workshop

Interventions that are spaced out in time and deploy methods to sustain and implement the learning at the workplace tend to yield better results. Element78 had recently completed a deep dive diagnosis to design a comprehensive 12-months leadership development program for Alleima PUM. This intervention has an eclectic blend of methods for full-group, small-group and individual learning opportunities. January marked the commencement of the maiden workshop for the Leadership Excellence @ Alleima Program at the scenic Mount Abu. The 3-day workshop focused on elements of professional and self development. The entire cohort of participants actively participated in the workshop, and were eager to embark on the learning journey. One indicator was the consistency with which the entire participant group was present before the given time on all 3 days of the workshop as well as after the breaks. This truly set the stage for the future workshops, projects and individual coaching conversations. Well begun is half done and we look forward to maintaining the energy and continuing this exciting journey with the LEAP team.