Eagleburgmann LEAD

For us at Element78, the start of February 2023  marked the final session of the EagleBurgmann India Pvt. Ltd. LEAD intervention for the shared services teams, which had commenced in July 2022. While the workshops in 2022 were all virtual, the Feb workshop was significant in getting all the participants under one roof in Chennai. In addition to reinforcing the learnings of 2022, the highlight of the current workshop was on Managerial Dialogues. The importance of managerial conversations in enhancing team engagement along with techniques to implement such conversations comprised a large part of the workshop. Handling difficult conversations was another topic that elicited a lot of discussion and also led to practice on the “how” of it.  The final day saw a large group of close to 100 team members join in for a high-energy experiential team building program. Meeting one’s colleagues in person after a few years, and for some for the 1st time, was an experience worth cherishing. The team members traveled long distances to be present for this day. Element78 is highly appreciative of the team’s presence and applauds the initiative of the HR team to plan this program.