Beam as a Team @ Momentive

In recent 2 months, we've been part of several client events that
1. Were celebrating growth
2. Were planning for big growth.

We facilitated large and small groups... however one insight remained the same...
1. Growth means different things to different people
2. It's important to have conversations around it
3. It takes a few iterations to get aligned after those conversations
4. And then, there is a possibility of magic.

On 9th and 10th March, Element78 conducted a unique program which was themed around team building for growth. It was refreshing to see an HR leader take on the role of a business leader, and how it gets articulated in terms of growth strategy.
The group dynamic was significantly different, 1/5th of the participants being HR, and getting the same content of training as project teams, together with project teams.

It was great to experience another dimension of trust, where competence and credibility played a big role.