Beam as a Team at WAMIL

When a team is doing well in terms of its business results, has ensured well laid out  processes and has a team that seems filled with joy at work, one wonders how to create the magic through our workshop. Team Element78 worked last month with this accomplished leadership team at Welspun Advanced Materials India Limited (WAMIL) at Hyderabad. Through the prework phase the scope of the workshop was co-created  in terms of “sharpening the axe” of the leadership team. The eclectic mix of methods that were deployed helped engage the leadership team through various reflective exercises. This was followed by working with the larger cohort comprising team members from all functions including production, maintenance, sales, HR, finance, supply chain. The factory worked without any escalation when the entire team was in the workshop, thereby demonstrating the robustness of systems and automation that the factory is built with. For this workshop, our intern @Ankura Chaudhari worked with our facilitator not just in the back-end but also assisted in the workshop.