Amdocs Gamified

An emotional connection between an employee and his/her organization results in a productive and high performing employee, influencing his/her behaviors and level of effort in work related activities and higher level of trust and communication between employee and organization. Employee engagement, which is the degree to which employees invest their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral energies toward positive organizational outcomes, plays a crucial role in this.

For Element78 too, touching lives and changing stories is a motto that we live with and thus help organizations to create greater engagement levels within their employees. One such recent experience has been our series of short sessions that we have been conducting for a leading IT organization,  through Amdocs Gamified,  for sustaining engagement. With the back-to-office phenomenon gaining ground, organizations are investing energies in creating the right environment for engagement. Element78 has partnered in this initiative, using the experiential route, to connect the cohort with team and organization realities. 
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