Gender Sensitisation and PoSH


PoSH polices that foster positive co-working environment for women in the workforce

  • PoSH policy and business impact
  • Creating a positive PoSH framework
  • Essentials for PoSH process enforcement
  • The real success of PoSH


With increasing participation of women in the workforce, PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work) policies are setting the tone for co-working in the organizations. The dedicated program for Gender Sensitisation and PoSH focuses on helping business leaders to structure and implement positive impact of PoSH policies for their organizations. Element78 can work closely with your functional teams to devise and assess an effective PoSH policy. Further, Element78’s expert teams can guide you on how to roll-out the policy to foster and sustain healthy work environment.


  • Duration – 1 Day
  • Understand PoSH needs and assess related business impact
  • Study of existing PoSH Policy
  • Effective PoSH implementation – key success factors
  • PoSH policy communication, enforcement and revisions
  • PoSH and more – Exploratory session on gender sensitisation


  • Clarity in PoSH policy
  • Confident team committed to building a gender sensitive workplace
  • Ability to train and develop capable support teams with know-how to implement PoSH policy

Who should attend?

  • Policy makers – Top Management, Department Heads/Functional Leaders
  • ICC (Internal Complaint Committee) Members
  • HR/Talent Development Leaders in the organization
  • Employees across the organisation

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