Visioning Exercise at ITC’s ICML Plant, Pudukkottai

A vision is considered as a key element that drives an organisation towards an envisioned future. It reflects an organisation’s core ideology, its purpose and core values. However, to make an effective vision statement, it is important that all employees contribute to the vision. This helps to align the employees with the organisation’s values and vision. On these lines, Element78 conducted a ‘Visioning Exercise’ for 110 members of the managerial staff in ITC’s Integrated Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Logistics plant at Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. The purpose of the exercise was to evolve and align the vision of this newly set-up plant with the overarching vision of ITC Limited. While the “milling” exercise helped to build comfort between the participants, the “rapid ideation” method was used to evolve the vision through a bottom-up approach. With a strong vision, it is also important to have a team that is well bonded to make the vision a reality. Hence, along with visioning exercise, ‘team building’ exercises were also conducted. The whole program was led by Element78 co-founders Manik Damle and Rahul Chaudhari and was one of the unique experiences we have had. We look forward to working with ITC limited on more such projects.