Consultative Selling - InValue


Sales excellence to drive profitability, customer loyalty and differentiation

  • Relationship building
  • Power questions that evoke customer attention
  • Opportunity mapping and mining
  • Build relevant offerings & resolve objections
  • Closing the sale
  • Customer follow through


The unique approach in consultative sales empowers sales personnel with a set of customer-centric tools in his/her selling, thus differentiating them in the eyes of the customers, immediately. Mastering consultative sales means, the customers look-up to your sales team in solving their problems, seeking recommendations and therefore earning a significant lead with respect to competition. In a world driven by in-bound sales, consultative sales is the definitive practice to stay profitable and win loyal customers.


  • Duration – 3 Days, customised to your needs
  • Needs assessment
  • Pre-work to design role plays/case-lets close to real-life
  • Sales training workshop with active coaching and championship to adopt the sales process
  • Post-training follow-through and reviews to ensure learnings are applied


  • Master a consultative sales process
  • Demonstrate assertiveness
  • Self-confidence in pitching with recommendations, to earn strong client buy-in
  • Develop and use an effective questioning process to understand and develop the buyer’s needs, challenges, implications and motivation
  • Build effective sales conversations
  • Sell with enthusiasm

Who should attend?

  • First time Sales Managers
  • Back-office Sales Team Members
  • Sales Team Leaders/ Managers/ HODs
  • Client Service Professionals, especially in service businesses
  • Customer Account Managers, Regional Heads

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