4Tfy - Train The Technical Trainer


An intervention to build competencies for effective knowledge transfer and create excitement about technical domains

  • Audience understanding

  • Presentation Structuring
  • Building a professional presence

  • Core facilitation skills
  • Coaching techniques
  • Building relevance
  • Vehicles of Learning


Often, the talent with great technical and functional knowledge lack effective transfer of their knowledge to others due to poor audience engagement and low delivery skills. 4Tfy focuses on developing platform training skills with such technical/functional trainers to make their training highly engaging and ensure greater retention of learning with the participants. The program is designed to include situations specific to domains of the Participants to ensure highest impact.


  • 3/5 Days, customised as per the need
  • An exhaustive and time-spaced intervention aimed at providing the necessary inputs for creating excellence in the Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Thorough practice and coaching to convert technical knowledge into applicable skills
  • Cohesive learning method where each participant practices delivery of his/her module with the Facilitator and Co-participants assessing the presentation and providing feedback


  • Understand the intricacies of training & knowledge transfer
  • Blend the technical concepts with adult learning principles, engage the audience in the learning process
  • Learn to deal with varied audience profiles
  • Create an effective, interactive learning environment for participants
  • Develop appropriate ‘vehicles of learning’ to facilitate knowledge transfer and retention
  • Ability to measure the impact of their training and develop improvement roadmaps

Who should attend?

Trainers/Domain Experts/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in areas such as

  • Design and Engineering
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • Maintenance
  • Hi-tech Product usage
    …and many more

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