Time and Priority Management


Achieve control over time and gain better value from work

  • Concept of Time

  • Time planning tools
  • Applying Time Management in your job
  • Time management for improving quality of work
  • Continual improvement in time management


Element78 provides a unique view on managing time by comprehensively addressing all aspects from people, teams, habits, delegation, control, goals, follow-through, communication, focus and more…
The program design also addresses procrastination, lack of focus and commitment, managing uncertainties, priorities, you energies and other factors that erode efficient time management. Further, the program is configured to suit the specific needs of the audience drawing on extensive inputs from their day-to-day work examples.


  • Duration – 1 Day
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Assessing one’s time management strengths
  • Common tools/techniques to improve time and priority management
  • Practice ‘valuing time’
  • Tips to enforce continual improvement in time management
  • Managing your energy


  • Individuals with greater productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Timely completion for individuals and teams
  • Individuals with importance of efficient, time-bound communication
  • Teams/Individuals with lesser stress
  • Significantly better teamwork

Who should attend?

  • New recruits/Jr. Management
  • First time/Experienced Management teams
  • Functional Teams with critical time management needs
  • Individual team members identified for improvement in planning
  • Project Managers/Team Leads

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