Beam as a Team


Strongly bonded teams, with a passion to achieve their goals

  • Team dysfunction awareness
  • Essentials of team bonding

  • Group dynamics

  • Team effectiveness techniques


Professionals in every business function as a part of multiple teams, spread across departments or projects. The ‘Beam as a Team’ program is designed to probe thinking beyond individual’s excellence and help participants to focus on overcoming their team dysfunctions to create greater impact. With innovative, hands-on tools, the program is aimed o create higher level of bonding within the team and bring out the passion towards achieving a common goal.


  • Duration – 1/2 Days
  • Develop team bonding
  • Exercises to understand group dynamics, overcoming traits that lead to group blocking
  • Practice sessions that test working together as a team to create impact and results
  • Experiential or blended learning formats


  • Better grasp of team dynamics
  • Know and leverage on each other’s strengths
  • Build/enable greater trust within the team
  • Significantly better bonding geared to get better output as a team

Who should attend?

  • Multi-functional Groups working as a team
  • Large teams (30 to 100 people)
  • Smaller target oriented teams
  • Functional/Technical teams

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