05 Jun 2019


Organisational culture is the set of norms, values, attitudes, and beliefs, shared by its members. While organisational culture drives the shared meaning amongst the teams, it also impacts the performance of the organization. When loyalty is valued by the leadership, individuals learn and grow with the organization, however, often, decision making and problem-solving continues to happen at the top-most levels, hence keeping the accountability for company performance at the top levels only. Element78 has been working with Stone Shippers to build professionalism and accountability for growth at the middle and senior management level. The team has been consistent in bringing about customer satisfaction, innovation in stone and deployment of technology in this unique area. This long term intervention which started in March 2016 with a team building activity was named ‘stOWNership’ as it expanded into areas around building ownership of the organization’s growth at junior levels as well. It has been a journey of over 3 years. It started from establishment of values and vision, bonding the team and cascading goals and objectives across the middle levels and coaching the ‘change team – stowners’ to take up responsibilities beyond their defined roles. At this juncture phase 2 is being closed, where we were delighted to see the stowners evolve their own annual goals from the company vision. We are now looking forward to hand-holding these change agents, the ‘stowners’, to drive and institutionalize this change further in the organization.


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