Sales Pitch


Learn sharp, effective sales pitch to make that winning impression on the customer

  • Sales fundamentals
  • Sales cycle and presenting the pitch
  • Essentials of a good sales pitch
  • Indirect communication in sales pitch
  • Reviews


Sales is the art of finding and articulating the exact reasons for your customers, to buy the product or service. Element78’s Sales Pitch training program focuses on empowering Sales teams to make their presentation interesting for the customers. Designed for Junior and Senior Managers, the training aims to orient the sales pitch to the customer’s pain areas, audience, stage in sales cycle and competitive intensity to deliver high-impact pitch.


  • Duration – 2 Days
  • Understanding pitch development, adaptation for high-impact
  • Mocks with actual presentations
  • Group analysis of body language, voice etc. to enhance one’s style through observation and benchmarking


  • Clear, confident sales pitch with messaging that appeals to the customer
  • Appreciate the importance of internalizing the messages in the sales pitch
  • Sharp, pointed content delivery for high recall
  • Making an impressive presence in direct and indirect communication

Who should attend?

  • Sales Executives
  • First Time Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Leaders/Managers/HODs

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