Express to Impress - Presentation Skills


A specialist communication skills enhancement program that empowers participants to listen, learn and improve the impact of their communication across mediums

  • Communication principles

  • Structured concepts supported by experiential learning
  • Listening skills for better response

  • Practical role plays


Great communication, especially the ability to articulate one’s thoughts, concepts and ideas, is key to a leader’s success. However, leaders hardly get the time and allowance to observe, hone and improve their communication. Express to Impress focuses on delivering a significant improvement in the communication and presentation skills of leaders, junior management participants, by providing them a structured learning environment to express, analyse and improve their communication skills.


  • Duration – 2/3 Days
  • Detail program, customised as per the participant’s capabilities and business context
  • Communication principles, its applications in various mediums
  • Understand and apply effective communication techniques
  • Group learning sessions to apply techniques and practice presentations


  • Imbibe effective communication principles and techniques
  • Be aware of verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Delivering powerful and persuasive presentations
  • Enthuse, inspire and influence your audience in various situations
  • Hone one’s behavioral skills to engage better with other colleagues
  • Better email communication
  • Grasp the essence of coaching and its applicability
  • Effective feedbacks, reporting using coaching approach

Who should attend?

  • Middle Management or team members who need better communication skills
  • Young team members who need to enhance their communication skills
  • First-time Managers
  • Team Leads

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