Praj- Collaborative and Influential Workshop follow up

Element78 truly believes that learning is best when put into practice. As part of the time-spaced intervention of Praj’s Collaborative and Influential program, the participants were provided with a platform to present their progress in terms of how they applied their learning on live projects. In their presentations, they expressed what key responsibilities they perceive to have as a team leader, steps taken by them to build trust within the team and the personality types observed in the team. In addition, they also talked about the discovered barriers to collaboration and how they resolved it. It was absolutely delightful to witness participants take genuine efforts to apply what they learnt and hence as a token of appreciation, awards were given out to them. The session was led by two of our seasoned facilitators and was intended to reflect and consolidate learning as well as introduce participants to some more insights to enhance collaboration and influencing skills through activities and reflections.