Negotiations – the Human Edge


Beyond skills, develop a negotiation style to enable win-win deals

  • Understanding Negotiation Style
  • Disagreement without Discontentment
  • 3 Ts of Negotiations
  • Negotiation process and dialog
  • Tactics to win in negotiations


Negotiations are perhaps the most difficult and decisive steps in the sales cycle. Good negotiations are the one’s that deliver a win-win feeling for both the negotiating parties. Element78’s program on Negotiations is leverages the natural strengths of sales personnel to develop a negotiation style, unique to him/her. With well thought-through, personalised negotiation frameworks, that focus on the human factor, your team wins deals and customer’s heart with ease. This program can be customised for negotiations in a non-sales situation too.


  • Duration – 2 Days, customised to your needs
  • Needs assessment & course design
  • Pre-Work to design role plays/case-lets close to real-life
  • Workshop with active coaching and practice sessions to use negotiations frameworks
  • Post Training follow-through


  • Self-confidence in negotiations
  • Ability to spot and frame other person’s negotiation moves
  • Aware about one’s negotiation style and strengths
  • Capability to view, articulate and convince on win-win zones in negotiations
  • Win more deals/business with better negotiation skills

Who should attend?

  • First Time Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Leaders/Managers/HODs
  • Client Service Professionals, especially in service businesses
  • Managers from other functions who might need to negotiate with the internal/external stakeholders

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