Managing Sales Team


Managers lead and scale-up sales, through effective engagement of their sales team

  • Focus on leading sales

  • Team engagement
  • Conducting result driven sales reviews
  • Techniques for enforcing the right team behaviour


Excellent sales personnel may not always turn out as effective Sales Managers. Element78’s specialised program for Sales Managers focuses on imparting essential managerial skills to build, develop sales teams that deliver great numbers. Transforming first-time and experienced Managers from ‘sales excellence’ mind-set to the one with ‘excellence in sales management’, the program aims to develop high-performance Managers and teams.


  • Duration – 2 Days, customised to your needs
  • Needs assessment
  • Pre-work to design role plays/case-lets close to real-life
  • Workshop to impart management techniques to get the best from sales team; includes developing team motivation, effective reporting on various aspects
  • Post-training follow-through mock coaching sessions


  • Confidently build and manage sales teams
  • Ability to better analyse sales performance of individual members, train and motivate for improvements
  • Drive right team behavior
  • Conduct meaningful reporting sessions, provide actionable insights to improve sales
  • Lead through an effective articulation of strategy, goals and performance using sales reviews, sales meetings and sales coaching

Who should attend?

  • Sales Team Leaders /Managers /HODs
  • First-time Sales Managers
  • Directors/Owners of Small Businesses

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