Effective Leadership Teams


Leadership teams identify their blind-spots, and become aligned to one goal as they drive the organization

  • Build a cohesive leadership team
  • Develop focus as one organisation
  • Create awareness of being aligned to the big picture
  • Trust and alignment towards each other


A leadership team that’s focused on the big picture, not just their function, aligned to each others’ needs and above all shares high levels of trust, can create magical results for the business. Organization’s performance, its day-to-day running depends on effectiveness of the leadership team. While leadership teams tend to assume aligned functioning, this program has helped to identify trust blind spots, not visible to the teams themselves, and shows the way to strengthen their bonding and alignment to the big picture.


  • Duration – 2/3 Days, customised as per need
  • Diagnostic study of organization
  • Assessment of team dysfunctions
  • Focus Groups
  • Individual sessions


  • Collaborative working in the leadership team
  • Awareness about the need to be aligned
  • Big Picture thinking to focus on common organizational results (and not just on the results of their individual functions)
  • Effective feedbacks, reporting using the coaching approach

Who should attend?

  • Top Management/Leadership
  • Head of functions/departments

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