Dial-लोग – Enhance Engagement


A unique conversation skills program for Managers, with a focus to create impactful 1-o-1 conversations that engage their team members.

  • Communication skills

  • Engagement Enhancement Frameworks

  • Techniques for effective conversation skills
  • Principles of effective dialogue


In the pressures of targets and tasks, conversations often bear the brunt. Dial-लोग focuses on how to conduct healthy, win-win conversations in high-pressure, high growth environment.

Dial-लोग is a specialist program for Managers to solve their management challenges through engaging conversations with the team.


  • Understand the impact of conversations
  • Learn how to deal with fears and anxieties in a difficult conversation
  • Structure your conversation, without being impacted by baggage
  • Imbibe the 5 principles of Dial-log (TALKS)
  • Practice the learning through demos and role plays in a non-threatening environment


  • Learn the basics of effective conversations
  • Build Engagement with team members
  • Resolve the factors which make conversations difficult

Who should attend?

  • People Managers
  • Functional Heads
  • Team Leads
  • Leaders of Cross Functional Teams
  • HR Professionals

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