Managers’ Guide To Employee Engagement

Managers’ Guide To Employee Engagement

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The equation between employees and the managers has often been touted as the toughest balance to maintain. The employees are amongst the most diversified constituents of an organization’s functioning and meaningfully engaging them has been the highest priority.

With all the changes around, the workplaces today are no longer places where mere mechanical processes fare well. It needs to be dynamic and vibrant and for that to happen, the employees must be engaged. In the organizational structure, the role of keeping the employees engaged finally falls in the hands of Managers (immediate heads, team leads, group leaders etc.). Employee engagement, however, isn’t something that can be achieved in a day. It takes tactful understanding, considered approach, and careful conversations to build a rapport, only then can it support the organization’s growth. And for this to happen the Managers or the immediate higher-ups need to be patient listeners, coaches and more, a skill that comes with learning and experience.

eBook Highlights:

  • The Premise: Why Employee Engagement Matters?
  • Things Managers can Do to Drive Engagement
  • How Can Managers Drive Employee Engagement?
  • Engagement and the Art of Conversation
  • Importance of Conversations
  • The Power of Dial-log