DOR (Discover-Own-Reach Out)

The most awaited program for women professionals, DOR (Discover-Own-Reach Out), kicked off in the beginning of February. The program revolved around intense sharing, reflections and skills that enabled the participants from various backgrounds to come together and take charge of their sphere of life. The program, led by our seasoned facilitators, allowed the participants to revel in the process of strengths and values discovery, and channelize them towards their goals. The end of those 3 days only meant the beginning of the participants’ new story. They all left with determined action plans to carry out until the next coaching session. The coaches are looking forward to being with them through the journey that will culminate in sharing of their success stories after 100 days. Element78 team would also like to take this opportunity to thank the past ‘DORees’ who readily came and shared their DOR success stories during the program. The participants and Element78 were overwhelmed by their journey and success. A wholehearted thanks to them. More strengths and power to you ladies!