Leveraging Diversity


Fostering effective work in diverse environments, across levels

  • Managing Diversity – Thoughts, Geography, Culture, Gender etc.
  • Alignment to Organization Policies
  • Diversity Concepts
  • Leveraging Diversity as an advantage
  • Reviews


Diversity is integral to modern workplace. While your employees adapt to managing the diversity, whether its cultural, gender based, thinking or region driven, leveraging the diversity can deliver unparalleled impact. Element78’s ‘Leveraging Diversity’ programs have helped organizations to align the workforce to corporate diversity policies, ensure its effective implementation where talent diversity creates an unique advantage.


  • Duration – 2/3 Days – Fully customised
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Organisational policies
  • Diversity concepts
  • Managing diversity – gender, geography, culture etc.
  • Valuing diversity
  • Imagine and create results emanating from diversity for individuals and teams


  • Acceptance and respect for diversity
  • Confident to manage teams and change in diversity led environments
  • Ability to reflect and identify ‘individual’ diversity and develop a corresponding action plan

Who should attend?

  • Groups working as a team from multiple and diverse locations
  • Large, diverse teams within the organisation
  • Smaller target oriented teams with significant diversity in terms of gender, geography, culture or other such parameters

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