05 Sep 2018

Dial-लोग – Open Program for Enhancing Employee Engagement in Goa

We are pleased to announce the dates of our flagship program in Goa, Dial-लोग that helps improve employee engagement through effective one-one conversations with the team.

Dial-लोग is a 2-day program that focuses on how to conduct healthy, win-win conversations in the high-pressure VUCA world.

Some highlights of the program

  • Deals with fears and anxieties in difficult conversations
  • Highlights principles & structures – 5 Principles of Dial-लोग (TALKS)
  • Practice structures through role plays, live training, and mock sessions
  • Structured support to apply the techniques to relate the learning to their daily work

We recommend your People Managers, Functional Heads, Team Leads and Leaders of Cross-Functional Teams & HR Professionals to attend this program.

Click here to view a video to get better understanding & for registering yourself to this program.


For any further queries or information, contact details are as follow’s:

  • Name:- Parvish Kamat
  • Contact Number:- +91 98232 84750

Feel free to drop us an email on learning@element78.in


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