Dial Log – Enhance Engagement Program

Element78 delivered one of our flagship programs ‘Dial-लोग’ on 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2018 at Pune. It was led by our experienced facilitators and co-founders, Manik Damle and Rahul Chaudhari. Dial-लोग, which was conceived and launched as a program 2 years ago, has evolved in content and methodologies during this period, based on additional research, client interactions and our own experience working with managers across industries. The participants of this recently concluded open program acknowledged that the program will help them to structure 1-o-1 impactful conversations with their teams, deal with difficult dialogues and enhance employee engagement. The structure and design of the program enabled the participants to practice concepts through facilitated discussions, role plays and various activities, in a laboratory set-up. The program was attended by managers from various organisations such as the automobile, medical equipment, engineering and social sectors and served as a platform for them to collaborate and augment learning. For understanding how Dial-लोग could benefit you / managers in your organisation to have effective conversations with team members and thus enhance team engagement