D.O.R – Taking Charge

Own-Reach Out (D.O.R.), a specialized program for women professionals to take charge of their lives, kicked off in the beginning of February 2019. With this started the journey of these enthused women to discover themselves (in terms of their goals, values, their strengths, etc), own their goals and write their own stories. As the journey continued, it was delightful to see the participants actively engage in the individualized coaching sessions which were focused on setting the stage for them to achieve their vision. The first coaching focused on dialogues with close ones and inviting them to contribute to one’s goals while the second coaching centralized on actions taken to achieve the set goals.The third coaching intended to expedite the process. In the closure session, the participants presented their journey. In addition, a platform was created for them to reach out to help each other by offering their unique skills and time. How satisfying it truly is to see the participants take charge of their sphere of life and convert their vision into reality! Hearty congratulations to the DORees on completion of the program.