Connect to Customer


Your customer facing team will discover their true business potential

  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Interactions that create customer delight
  • Developing customer relationship
  • Role of individual or function in enhancing customer experience
  • Sales mind-set in every function


Your customer facing team shapes your brand. People buy from people they like and relate to. Every customer interaction is therefore an opportunity to win the customer. Your customer facing team can make the most of it with the right tools and training. Connect to Customer is a focused program for your Customer interfacing staff, from front desk to service technician, to help them grow to their true potential in developing long-standing customer relationships. It’s an unbeatable advantage for your brand.


  • Duration – 2 Days
  • Customer experience awareness
  • Role in shaping customer experience
  • Understand opportunities to enhance customer experience, create delight and drive sales
  • Tools and techniques to analyse interactions and improve customer experience


  • Mind-set and awareness to deliver better customer experience
  • Ability to identify and deliver elements of delight to the customer
  • Powerful customer interactions that generate greater business

Who should attend?

  • Sales Executives
  • Service Executives/Engineers
  • Senior Technicians visiting customers/sites
  • Key executives interacting with the customers frequently/on strategic issues

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