Coaching Skills for Managers

presentation skills

Paradigm shift for the way Managers communicate with
sub-ordinates, from 'telling' to 'asking'

  • Coaching overview

  • Effective coaching Techniques
  • Developing Coaching Style
  • Mock sessions for Feedback and Reporting
  • Progress
  • Reviews


With complex business scenarios, coaching has proved to be highly effective to empower team members to take greater responsibility and effective decisions. Managers thus need to possess strong coaching skills, to develop and get the best out of their talent. ‘Manager as a Coach’ ensures that participating Managers coach systematically, with a consistent approach, to get the best results from their teams.


  • Duration – 2/3 Days, Customised as per the need
  • Understanding Coaching, various frameworks and applicability
  • Developing effective coaching styles
  • Practice coaching through live training and mock coaching sessions
  • Structured support to apply coaching through techniques to relate the learning to their daily work


  • Develop Leadership skills in Managers/Coaches; build a culture of coaching-for-results by transforming conversations
  • Structure conversations that lead to creation of a supportive environment
  • Improved engagement of managers with their teams
  • Grasp the essence of coaching and explore its applicability
  • Effective feedback, and reviews with a coaching approach

Who should attend?

  • Senior Management
  • Middle Management

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